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About Lulu’s Couture


Welcome to Lulu’s Couture!

Creative Director and Publisher. Former ModeMedia Publisher.

Since launching in 2008, Lulu’s Couture has been bringing our readers the latest news on fashion and inspirations from its editor, Silvia Couture. Everything that we share with our readers is from runway fashion shows, new brands, and amazing, talented, created work from different designers and what they have to offer. With so much information about the fashion industry, Lulu’s Couture provides its readers with trend reports, celebrity styles, tips, advice and so much more.

This website is about my true love: FASHION. I want to share my passion with you, offer my own insights stylist.

This is a story on style. Don`t take it too seriously! Be your own muse. Style is personal, be confident and try things out. I would love to inspire you and make dressing fun.

I am constantly editing and looking for the perfect  pieces, picking out the most important accessories and clothing. You will get insider tips, build a foundation, get a little fashion history and most important be up-to-date. You might find some of the key items before they will appear in the fashion magazines and hit the stores. On the other side you will get an insight into Lulus Couture get some of my personal styling ideas with vintage and new pieces, meet  new designers.

I hope that you will enjoy my little secrets and get that interesting twist on fashion that makes it so fun!

All tips, suggestions and press releases can be sent to silvia@luluscouture.com.